Tutoring by Jon Smith

If you need …

  • One-tistudents-in-classroomme help preparing for a test
  • Assistance writing or editing papers
  • Short- or long-term tutoring
I can help for only $20 an hour.
I have worked in middle and high school level education in the Kansas City area for 10 years.  I would be happy to assist any student needing academic help.
  • I am certified in high school math and social studies.
  • I am certified k-12 in special education and school administration.
  • I have six years of experience teaching science, English and civics.
  • I have three years experience helping students with functional skills deficiencies.
  • I have one year of experience teaching a special education class of students with academic and behavior challenges.
  • I have tutored several students in math and seen positive results.
Contact me today with any questions or to schedule a tutoring session! Leave a comment on this page to get in touch with me or go to the bottom of my page to see other places you can connect with me online.

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