[This page will be updated. Some info is out of date.]

This page says Katherine. No one really knows me as Katherine, but it is my name, so we put it on here. You can call me Kate. Or Katy. I’ll answer to both. It confuses some people. If you’re curious, I can explain, but it’s not really that interesting.

I live in Raytown, Missouri. Jon and I bought a home here in 2004. We like our cute, little, old house in this suburb of Kansas City very much. It helps that there’s an awesome coffee shop nearby. Everyone at Benetti’s knows us well.

I’m originally from Kettering, Ohio (suburb of Dayton). I left Ohio because of Jon. In case you haven’t read his page, the story of how we came to be a couple is rather unique. It can also be quite long. The very short version is that we were both on the Velvet Blue Music e-mail list, met through very random circumstances, became friends, realized we had a ton of things in common and enjoyed hanging out together and started dating long-distance in February 2002. A year later I was planning a move to Kansas City.

Jon and I were married in the autumn of 2003. I am incredibly blessed to be his wife. He’s my motivator for continued growth and learning, my comic relief, my sounding board, and my best friend. He never ceases to amaze me with how he can find little ways to make my day and make me smile. Sometimes he’ll even go see dance or theater performances with me. He’s one of the most thoughtful, genuine people I’ve ever met. I love him. We now have a son, and Jon is an amazing dad to our incredible little boy.

I work for a professional membership association handling marketing and communications tasks for the membership department. I wear a lot of hats. I write, edit, proofread, take pictures, update our database and social media sites, create spreadsheets, answer a lot of phone calls and emails, help brainstorm for marketing projects, compile information, and keep everything organized (to name just a few items). I enjoy it, and I get to work with a good team of people in a historic downtown building.

I have a BA magna cum laude in Liberal Studies and Communication Arts from Park University. Before finishing school there, I spent four years studying Journalism at Wright State University. I also have a Master of Liberal Arts, with a concentration in The Creative Arts (mostly covering art history and literature), from Baker University. I love all visual and performing arts and have been involved in them in various ways my entire life. I am a firm believer in arts education and appreciation, and hope to someday work in support of the arts and humanities.

That’s the main info about me . Thanks for reading my ramblings. I hope all is well with you. Peace.