Musical Pursuits


My Science Fiction Twin

When I play with Paul Keleher and Adam Sidor, I think of timeless pop acts like Simon and Garfunkle, Graham Parsons, Crowded House and The Jayhawks.   They always impress me most by allowing quality songwriting and harmonies to shine through.

Of my groups, this is the one that performs most (this does not mean often).

The Divine Appointments

First, there was The Postal Service. Now there’s The Divine Appointments.

Joel Atkinson and I started recording our album, Warsaw, about five years ago when he lived in Indianapolis and we relied on a DSL internet connection. We just thought that calling a band DSL was rather lame.

Now, Joel has moved even further away, to Connecticut, to marry his girlfriend, Meredith. Dan, Katy and Meredith also occasionally contribute to the band in addition to Joel and I. Jared from Flannelgraph Records has shown interest in releasing the album, so there will be more information to come!

The Cosmonautopolitans

If I were to list these chronologically, The Cosmonautopolitans would be first. We are to Raytown what The Beatles are to Liverpool.

It is the band I’m in with my step-brother, Dan Webster.  We have recorded and performed under a litany of beautiful names–The Pipecleaners, Custom 300, Marion, The Proportional Davies and The Proportional Davies Reunion Band–but to no avail. We are destined to obscurity, but also to mind-blowing music. We are currently recording a record in the vein of Gwen Stefani, Of Montreal and The Magnetic Fields.

Radio Free Raytown

Radio Free Raytown is my podcast. The episodes are short enough to get through on a drive through town or what not, as nobody really needs 80-minute podcasts. You end up only getting 15 minutes into them anyway. Listen and enjoy. I have cherry-picked the best just for you.

In Episode 1: Oh Blessed Thought, The Jen Say Kwahs, Altair Nouveau, Anything Box and The Seventy-Sevens

Radio Free Raytown Episode 1 – 6/26/09