An uneasy empathy.

I spent a little over a year making my newest album, An Uneasy Empathy.  At times, the process was maddening:  repeatedly throwing out entire sessions for songs, re-working arrangements based on feedback from my wife and endlessly tweaking mixes so they sounded good on something besides my studio monitors.

Art can be made in isolation, but I don’t know that isolation always makes good art.  I hope this album reflects where I have been the past two years.  I’ve embraced friends, struggled with identity, ignored my wife, battled misperceptions and tore into the New Order catalog.  I feel like this may be my strongest batch of lyrics, but they certainly don’t make me look good.  When I hear myself sing,  “How quickly I rely on emotions when I forget just who I am,” I am floored and question how I ever got to a place where I would make such an admission.

I probably should not pull back the proverbial curtain too much.  You will understand the album; it’s not so cerebral that it’s not enjoyable.  I hope you enjoy it.  (And hopefully, if you enjoy it, you will buy a copy.  All proceeds go to support our cloth diaper fund.)



Five years ago, I recorded a soundtrack to an imaginary movie, Omaha! and tried to incorporate ideas from Giorgio Moroder, Genesis, In A Lonely Place and Nine Inch Nails in it. I thought it had turned out pretty great, but then I lost the master. I have not seen it again until today when I was looking for another album of mine, A Good Look At Jonathon Smith, to give to a friend.

At any rate, I think the album has held up well, and I thought I’d share a track, “Radio.” It’s got this weird melodic line in 10/4 over a distorted 4/4 beat. Dig it.