I had a dream.

I just awoke from the strangest dream…

I hopped in a Ryder truck with my dog and my godson, Isaac, to make deliveries for a car parts store in Kansas City.  I stopped for breakfast at Napoleon’s Bakery in Westport (which has been closed for months), where I ran into my friend, Ben.  He was scouring the city for country and western albums today, and I told him I really wanted the new TV on the Radio album.

When we finished, Isaac and I walked back to the truck in the rain.  Except it was raining spaghetti, not water.  And it was uncooked spaghetti.  I looked up, and a I got poked in the eye.

We drove to that new repair shop in the old Keith Coldsnow building on Westport Road to make a delivery when my friend, Tim, flew down from the clouds in a Roman chariot, pulled by four reindeer.  A light from heaven beamed behind him, he wore a toga and he held out to Isaac and me the new TV on the Radio album on vinyl.

Then I woke up.


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