Unintended Accerlation: June 14-16

Monday was frustrating for me. Sunday night, Katy told me about how water from wepeated, torrential downpours was getting into our basement at home. I felt so helpless, but a friend helped out with a dehumidifier and Katy rented another one. It sounds like the basement is now dry, but we obviously need to repair cracks and and get some grading work done outside the house.

I met up with Scott Sauls at Stumptown Coffee in the afternoon. He was the founding pastor at Oak Hills Presbyterian Church, but left shortly before we joined. Katy and I have heard a lot about him, but we had never met him. We had a good time. I think I need to move here and hang out with him some more.

That night, we played a show at Don Pedro in Williamsburg. The place was a total dive, the acts and staff just seemed to be okay with sucking. Enough said.

Tuesday, we returned to Greenwich Village in search of record stores. What we ended up finding was a superb pizza joint, a store selling fine chocolates, a letterpress store, an amazing guitar shop and several great record stores. We then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, grabbed some Mediterranean food to go and returned to the apartment. We were all so tired from walking that we took some needed time to relax.

At 11:00, Chad, Daniel and I  decided that we wanted to go back out, but we didn’t want to go very far. We couldn’t find an open bar or restaurant to our liking with outside seating so Chad could smoke his cigar. We walked a couple miles, and Daniel returned to the apartment. Chad and I left for Greenwich Village, where we stopped at Caffe Reggio for a macchiato. Chad smoked his cigar, and Keenan Ivory Wayans walked by. We walked around the corner and had an amazing slice of pizza at Ben’s Pizza. On our way back to the subway station, Chad twisted my arm and we grabbed a slice at Joe’s Pizza. While there, “Sweet Caroline” came on the radio, and one of the employees turned it way up. Everyone in the store–us, the workers and the mafia types in their expensive suits and anorexic escorts/girlfriends–all began singing along loudly. It was surreal and lovely.

We got back to the apartment and Chad fumbled through King’s X songs on his acoustic guitar. We listened to Gentle Giant and fell asleep, like a night of the best summer camp ever.



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