Unintended Acceleration: June 12-13

St. Patrick's Cathedral, looking mysterious through some film and dirt on my camera's lens

We arrived at the Brooklyn apartment around 8:30 last night and unpacked everything. Jesse’s brother lives here and found a mind-blowing pizza joint, Roberta’s, in Brooklyn for dinner. It was a crazy place, in the back of some dilapidated garage and/or warehouse. Upon entry, we were smacked in the face with the aroma of all the spices they grow in the store for their food. I split a pizza with Chad that had grilled chicken, cilantro and radishes picked in lime juice. We were very impressed.

We came back to the apartment and decided we needed to go back out. We found a diner down the street that served the largest pieces of baklava I’ve ever seen, six inches on each side and almost two inches tall. We got home around 3:00.

Just behind the "L" is the ball they drop every New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Daniel and I searched for coffee this morning and discovered an amazing grocery story down the street and found a place called Mr. Falafel, where we both purchased Egyptian cappuccinos. We got back, and Chad, Daniel and I went to the 1:00 mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We had to take a slight detour, as a parade for Puerto Rican day passed in front of the church. After mass, we meandered through Central Park and down to The Stage Deli for lunch/dinner. We walked around Times Square in the pouring rain and took a train to the 6:00 service at Redeemer Presbyterian. We arrived a little early and grabbed coffee at Corrrado, a French pastry and coffee shop around the corner. On our way back to the apartment, we stopped again at that grocery store for some goodies.

Don't worry, I split this sandwich with Chad. How else could I save room for the strawberry cheesecake that followed?

The trip has been pretty good so far, but we wish our significant others could be here to share the experiences with us. (Katy will be meeting up with us in Dayton on Friday. It’ll be kind of nice for her, as she’ll spend some time with friends and family before we arrive. That still doesn’t make up for the fact that she’s not here now. I want so badly to share this with her.) Fortunately, I think the time the band has spent together has allowed us time for some good, meaningful and ridiculous conversations.



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