Unintended Acceleration: June 10-11

Carbondale is a small college town, but way cooler than, say, Kirksville.

One of my bands, The Sexy Accident is on tour. I thought I’d post some pictures and reflections.

On Thursday, we drove to Carbondale, Illinois, where we played two shows: one acoustic and one electric. We were just outside of town when my brother-in-law informed me I had left my case with all my cords, tuner and distortion pedal, earplugs and extra batteries at home. So we had to stop at a little guitar store and pick up a cable.

Chad (one of our guitarists) is from Carbondale, and he brought his wife and kids along to see the first show and visit their grandparents. It was a mini-reunion of sorts, as another band that played with us was led by his old friend, Andrew, whom he played in a band with in high school.

It was so hot and sticky that night. We rocked a couple tiny stages, then we stayed with Chad’s parents. His mom made breakfast for us the next morning, and we were on our way to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh's 31st Street Pub with biker dudes guarding the door

We left around 9:00 on Friday, stopped in downtown Indianapolis for lunch at Penn Station. We arrived at the 31st Street Pub around 11:00 and ripped through a 30-minute set. The place had a strange mix of people: serious music fans, the regulars, some lady hollering about being from Wichita and biker dudes with fu manchus guarding the door.

We stayed at a Sheraton last night. We cranked up the air conditioner, and I fell asleep shivering. It was wonderful.



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