millions of miles …

There are a ton of things I’ve been meaning to put on here, but there’s one thing on my mind tonight. As I write this, Jon is in Pittsburgh, PA playing a show with The Sexy Accident. The band is on tour, driving to New York City and back. They left Kansas City yesterday morning and will return June 20 (well, 21st really since they’ll get home in the middle of the night). I know it sounds cheesy and sentimental, but I miss having Jon at home. I missed him last night and he hadn’t even been gone for 24 hours.

It dawned on me yesterday that he and I have not been apart for more than two days in the past seven years. Seven years ago today I moved to Kansas City, Missouri, from Dayton, Ohio. Jon and I had been dating for almost a year and half, were engaged, and very excited that we’d no longer have to do the long-distance relationship thing. My parents and I loaded up my car and my Grandpa’s truck and headed out. The initial day or so of the move was pretty rough – an awkward dinner with Jon’s mom and her second husband, a mix up that prevented unloading in a storage facility, waking up to find the truck and a chunk of my belongings gone, finding the truck and none of my stuff – and the emotional ups and downs of a few hours made me briefly wonder if I’d just made a huge mistake. But then there came the realization that most of my truly important things were safe and sound in my car, that Jon and I were finally living in the same town and not 600 miles apart, and that we knew somehow things would be okay.

The best part is that things really were okay. They still are. Yeah, we’ve had to deal with a lot of craziness, but we have each other, and we’ve been able to survive a lot as a couple. We love being together. Maybe that’s why it’s so weird for him to be gone. We spent 15 months getting to visit for a few days (a week if we were lucky) every four to six weeks, and hated it. We probably value being together all of the time partly because we know how hard it is to have to go for a while without seeing each other. It’s not something we ever plan to do much of again.

Next week I’m going to drive to Dayton for a few days. The band is going to play a show there, and I’ll get to visit family and old friends. It also crossed my mind yesterday that I probably haven’t driven there by myself since Jon and I were dating. All of my trips back home now include getting to travel with him, not away from him. It’s made me think a lot about when we were dating, what those trips were like, and how insane that time was.

Jon and I at the lighting of The Plaza (our first Thanksgiving together)

And as I’ve been typing this out, The Billions have been playing on the computer, which is a rather fitting coincidence. One of the first concerts Jon and I saw together was The Billions playing at Topeka High School. Later, Dan Billen helped with the music for our wedding, and his first child was born the following day. We don’t get to see these guys (and now their wives and kids) as much as we used to, but the friendships are still there. They are all the kinds of people who pick up where you left off.

(“millions of miles” by The Billions … I have a pretty vivid memory of hearing this song at the Topeka High show.)

It’s nice to know that in the midst of lots of change and unknowns, some things and some people are the same. We’re all just more weathered. And I have a feeling that years from now Jon and I will still enjoy hanging out together every day, and listening to The Billions.

Lots of love,


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