I do clean up well.

Jonathon, in a suit!

Jonathon, in a suit!

So I had an interview wtih Associated Youth Services in Kansas City, Kansas, this afternoon. The organization is seeking someone to teach students who have been suspended from school (typically for 180 days). I would have help from a paraprofessional, but it would just be me and a classroom with 12 students.

In addition to my interview, the bigger news some people have focused on is my attire. Katy and I recently bought a three-piece suit for the purpose of interviewing. (It was two-piece today; the vest will go on for a second interview. How could I improve upon a three-piece for another interview? I guess I could rent a tuxedo..)

On a different note, I’m excited for this weekend. Katy, Dan, my friend Brandon and I will be attending a Sonic Youth concert on Saturday at the Uptown Theatre. In preparation, I’ve been listening to their fine album, Murray Street, all day today. This will be a momentous occasion, having nearly idolized Thurston Moore and company for many years.

On an even differenter note, after some rigamarole, Richard got his Missouri license plates today. He’s legal.



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