The shot heard ’round the world.

Welcome to our web site!

This will be an exercise in information, and occasionally vanity, for our family and friends. It will be a way of communicating that does not require you to log into social networking sites (should you want to know, though, we are both on Facebook and MySpace). It will also be a way for us to conveniently let anyone have access to music or writing or other items that we want to share with all who come across this page.

For those unfamiliar with how these blog sites work, we will tag our posts according to categories and the types of information therein and you access as much or as little info as you want. For instance, if you just want to see posts related to one of us, then you can click on the appropriate name in the categories and only posts tagged with that name will be shown. This will be a helpful tool since this site will offer information about each of us and Jonathon’s various musical pursuits, and some people may want to narrow down what they view at times.

We hope to update this site regularly, so stop by often to see what we’re up to and say hello.


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